Diablo III Legendary Gems Disabled On 2.1 Public Test Realm

Since the last patch informed the new notes, the Diablo III patch 2.1 Public Test Realm has always been very active among players. The new Legendary Gems, featured in last build, provide powerful bonuses which can be upgraded over time in Greater Rifts. Diablo 3 is stunned to see Legendary Gems disabled on 2.1 PTR, what about you?
Diablo 3 Legendary Gems added on PTR.

Legendary gems were recently added on PTR and can be dropped by greater rift guardians. They are account-bound and can only be socketed into Rings and Amulets. However, now some players also are confused the issue that Legendary Gems can currently be socketed into items they are not intended for.

Five features of updated Legendary Gems by Urshi inside a Greater Rift.

1.Urshi will only appear after a player’s Greater Rift journey has ended (i.e. after the Rift timer has expired) and the Rift Guardian in the current level has been defeated.
2.Upgrading a Legendary Gem to the next rank has higher chance of success and a higher chance of granting multiple ranks based on the Greater Rift level you reach (the higher Greater Rift level, the higher chance of success/multiple ranks).
3.The only requirement to upgrade a Legendary Gem is the gem itself; there is no other cost associated with upgrading.
4.Each Legendary Gem has a property listed in blue that will be upgraded each time the gem’s rank increases.
5.Each Legendary Gem has a secondary power that will be unlocked when it reaches Rank 50.

Players will not receive a duplicate of any Legendary Gem to access to the character they are currently playing. This includes Legendary Gems in the character’s inventory, its followers’s inventories, or the Shared Stash, as well as Legendary Gems socketed in items in those locations.

An unexpected bug made Legendary Gem Powers Disabled on PTR.

As often happens with new content that is tested in Diablo 3, now an unexpected bug appeared on the PTR and made the Legendary Gem Powers disabled. Though there were client crashes involving some of the Legendary Gems, the powers for all of them have been temporarily disabled.

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