The Future Development of WOW and Its Methods

More and more online games spring up, as the head of online game designer, Blizzard is also feeling a strong stress. Its players are losing continuously and the benefit of wow gold is abruptly decreasing. To change this situation, Blizzard put forward to two main points. Let’s read the first way first — focus on pleasing the existing players which is easy to understand. After a change of CTM, the remaining players have become very sensitive and actual vulnerable. Once there is any little change in game, it will become the reason which makes many players away from keyboard.

To please the players, we have seen the first step. The land of fire 4.2 significantly reduced, its rate even more than that of T11. The second step is the introduction of 4.3 random in the city, adding a new “casual” difficulty and randomly drop for city use, so Blizzard so-called “property and equipment to prevent the expansion of” intent can only be nice to give way. Launched a new degree of difficulty of random RAID system has another advantage, in addition to increase the player playable content, but also for the server RAID provides the basis for the revival of activities.

Association or to a fixed group activities for the unit RL, now finally have a more reliable and convenient way to examine the new, mining star. Similarly, the ordinary players now do not have to “look at the Raiders with a talent point cycle” as the price to get into the raid status.
Taking into account the entry of qualified raid and the random quality of good and bad players, the difficulty must be low enough to allow a sufficient proportion of the team through. From this, Blizzard of 10, 25, who merged the CD mode, no modification is possible, but this is not the things of this expansion pack.

Compared to “please the existing players,” Blizzard claims an expansion pack per year is worth to think about. As early as 2006 when the TBC expansion pack to be made Blizzard announced one per year, finally, it is quitted for lack of staff and other reasons, the rate of publishing an expansion pack delay to two year per one. Anyway, wow is a game worth to play and to fight for wow gold.

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