BMAH coming to your Garrison


With the launch of 6.2 patch you’ll be able to access the Black Market Auction House directly from your Garrison. That means that you won’t have to travel all the way to Nagrand to visit to BMAH or to leave an alt of yours to check the daily offers…

To be able to do that you have to do a couple of things though.

First of all, you’ll need a shipyard up and running. There is a specific Naval Mission that gives you access to BMAH. The mission you have to keep your eyes open for is Black Market Journal.

After completing that mission you’ll start a short quest chain, that starts with The Missing Manifest, and at the end of it a new NPC will come to your garrison that will help you access the Black Market AH.

But this is not the only change regarding BMAH… With the new patch some pieces of Hellfire Citadel Heroic gear will become available in the BMAH. This is pretty strange, in my opinion, because it will work as a gold sink, especially for the people who sell WoW Tokens. This may cause the crafting gear prices to drop drastically and unfortunately with the changes on the WoW Token prices algorithms we may not see any changes regarding the gold price for the Tokens.

Beside the epic heroic gear addition, the addition of this new NPS in our garrison is a great move in my opinion. What do you think?

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The WOW Ogres of Gaoliya Empire

Before Draenor, most of us thougth that the ogres in World of Warcraft Gold is stupid. And it was difficult for us to describe them with wisdom, sharp, cunning and so on. in fact, this is a real prejudice. The ogres of Azzaroth has not been the ogres on the other side of Dark Portal. Draenor we visited is a different dimensional universe. But no matter what happened, the ogres have dominioned over the planet.

In thousands of years ago, the ogre established an empire, just like the ancient Pan of Dali. However, the ogre is not relying on magic and witchcraft instead of natural. On the ogre’s winner-takes-all ethnic architecture, the leader is a cunning and powerful wizard. Of course, he also has cruel nature as the as other ogre.

Just like magic ancient empire, Draenor ogre also ensalve other races—-the captive orcs would forced to be a gladiator or slave labor. Untill now, we still could see a lot of slaves mine gem in Frost Fire Ridge for Gaoliya. Xuanchui castle, as the imperial city, Draenor ogre has fighted for it with Warsong clan for many years.

Then what happened? Why the brutal ogre suddenly changed idea and joined his slave,orcs? And what made the strong Gaoliya empire decline gradually? Is the Card punch unprising? But this is not enough. If the another event had not happened together, ogre would not have ended so rapid. Many people think that it is related to the orcs, but the answer is no.

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