Continental launched new advanced sealing ninth class

Arthas flushed. No suggestion that Arthas might hurt him. Varian seemed to see that he was only digging himself deeper into a hole with the younger boy and clapped him on the shoulder. “Tell you what. When the war’s over, and a proper trainer can be spared again, I’ll come with you to talk to King Terenas. I’m sure you’ll be handing me my rear in no time.”

WEBZEN, free-to-play games in the next generation of global leaders, the release of Night; a new class of advanced dungeon system MMORPG, mainland ninth SEAL (C9) of. Waving a powerful call to absorb the attack, is now available to all players this latest advanced class WITCHBLADE.

Night can perform powerful call to absorb the attack mid-range category. She has the ability to summon and absorb, and it makes her summon powerful servants in the battle for her fight for civil servants and absorption, to improve his handle a lot of damage.

Whenever the nocturnal absorption servant, players will be able to temporarily get a powerful and unique skills, each service has. Her main weapon is a chain blade, which is a two-handed weapon.

To celebrate the Night of the long-awaited arrival of the ninth continent has just launched a project to seal gifts for all adventurers to enjoy. From now until March 26, 2014 (Global server time), users can access any C9 media partners, access to key special items. Players can redeem this code, free game awards, including 10 resurrection scroll, 5 Extreme training agents (100%) (1 hour), the Municipal Tourism Level 1 (three days), the school’s exterior gear set (7 days).

In addition, over the same period Nightcrawler character who at all levels, until 50 or more will receive a special award. Full details of the prize will be found in the future C9 official website.