The Future Development of WOW and Its Methods

More and more online games spring up, as the head of online game designer, Blizzard is also feeling a strong stress. Its players are losing continuously and the benefit of wow gold is abruptly decreasing. To change this situation, Blizzard put forward to two main points. Let’s read the first way first — focus on pleasing the existing players which is easy to understand. After a change of CTM, the remaining players have become very sensitive and actual vulnerable. Once there is any little change in game, it will become the reason which makes many players away from keyboard.

To please the players, we have seen the first step. The land of fire 4.2 significantly reduced, its rate even more than that of T11. The second step is the introduction of 4.3 random in the city, adding a new “casual” difficulty and randomly drop for city use, so Blizzard so-called “property and equipment to prevent the expansion of” intent can only be nice to give way. Launched a new degree of difficulty of random RAID system has another advantage, in addition to increase the player playable content, but also for the server RAID provides the basis for the revival of activities.

Association or to a fixed group activities for the unit RL, now finally have a more reliable and convenient way to examine the new, mining star. Similarly, the ordinary players now do not have to “look at the Raiders with a talent point cycle” as the price to get into the raid status.
Taking into account the entry of qualified raid and the random quality of good and bad players, the difficulty must be low enough to allow a sufficient proportion of the team through. From this, Blizzard of 10, 25, who merged the CD mode, no modification is possible, but this is not the things of this expansion pack.

Compared to “please the existing players,” Blizzard claims an expansion pack per year is worth to think about. As early as 2006 when the TBC expansion pack to be made Blizzard announced one per year, finally, it is quitted for lack of staff and other reasons, the rate of publishing an expansion pack delay to two year per one. Anyway, wow is a game worth to play and to fight for wow gold.

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World of Warcraft Movie to Hit the Screen at

The antecedent advertisement for the “World of Warcraft Gold” cine was met with a lot of excitement, but abominably it seems like admirers will accept to adjournment a little best to in actuality see the film. At first, the assembly was declared to be accomplished and appear on March 11, 2016, but now it’s been pushed aback by a few months and is advancing on June 10, 2016.

This was accepted by administrator Duncan Jones on his official Twitter account, area he appear that the accommodation was advancing from aloft and he wasn’t in actuality complex in it. Apparently, the acumen for the adjournment is that the cine is traveling to be a summer release, authoritative it clashing for the ahead planned date in March.

According to critics though, this makes faculty as it would accord the blur bigger acknowledgment and possibly acquiesce it to account bigger with its corresponding crowds. Of course, it should go after adage that admirers of “World of Warcraft” will watch the blur whenever it comes out, and there are abounding of them out there as well, so the assembly isn’t traveling to ache from a abridgement of attention.

Are the producers traveling to do annihilation appropriate with the added three months they’ve been given? It’s harder to say – but it’s absolutely possible. Of course, the accomplished anatomy of the film’s assembly was acceptable already planned in beforehand and it may not be that simple to just acquaint changes in these plans, but they could consistently absorb the added time on added business and breeding added commercial for the film.

Meanwhile, the bold that the blur is based on charcoal able and popular, admitting the actuality that it’s been on the bazaar for such a continued time already. Not alone that, but Blizzard abide to abutment it with approved updates and aloft agreeable releases, something which has managed to not just absorb the aboriginal admirers of the title, but aswell attracts new ones on a approved basis.

It’s getting speculated that the absolution of the blur could accept a abstruse appulse on the bold as well, breath some beginning activity into it. Blizzard could possibly account from the bearings even added by absolution a aloft amend for the bold about the aforementioned time, and it wouldn’t be hasty if they accept something big planned abaft the scenes for if the “World of Warcraft” blur assuredly comes out.

With about a year larboard in its production, we’ll apparently alpha audition added and added about it in the advancing months – and as we said above, it’s not absurd that Blizzard aswell accept aloft commercial affairs for it which we’ll alpha seeing in activity soon.

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Guest Post: Why Fractals are Really, REALLY bad for the GW2 Community


A lot has been said about the newest addition to Guild Wars 2, Fractals, and I want to start out by pointing out a few great things about Fractals. One, they are great end-game content for people who love challenging raid-like content. The never ending, ever scaling difficulty is fantastic for people who love a challenge. The instances themselves are fairly short, and each has unique mechanics that offer people different challenges that are more than “kill mobs, loot bodies”. The fractals being small instances that fall largely outside of the known lore, allows the designers to add new instances, with new mechanics whenever they want, thus, expanding the end-game, with little resources expended. These unique mechanics also allow for more social interaction between players, and necessitate more use of voice chats; allowing more people to make friendships and build community.

This being said, they are a huge problem. The ever scaling nature of these dungeons and the inclusion of ascended items and agony will in the long term split the community. In order to get the best rewards you generally must do between 4 and 7 fractals in a row, in order to encounter the special instanced boss and daily bonus chest, and get more fractal relics. While an individual fractal instance is short, a set of 3 usually takes about an hour. This is as long or longer than most dungeon runs. If you want to progress in fractals, you might as well do 7 in a row, which can quickly push over 2 hours. This is a lot of time for more casual gamers, and is going to discourage many of these gamers from playing them.

Second is Agony, which does not kick in until level 10. Casual gamers who want a challenge but may not have time to invest in grinding agony protection can stay below this cap and enjoy fractals without having to worry about it. But this is where the problem lies. If these causal gamers want to play with their friends who are more invested in Fractals, their friends will either have to play at a lower level, and not be getting as much reward, or the lower level players will be forced to play on levels with agony, for which they are not prepared.

The upcoming patch to Fractals will reward players who scale down to play with others with a Karma reward, but they will not be receiving their full reward. According to the recent blog by Isaiah Cartwright: “Rewards from the fractal will be based on players’ personal reward level as long as the reward level is equal to or lower than the chosen fractal level.” This means if you are a level 2 Fractal player, and run a level 20 Fractal with your friends, you will get level 2 rewards, even though you have just completed content that is level 20 difficulty.

This will result in casual players who do not grind Fractals being unable to survive in Fractals due to agony, and will lead to a massive split in the community between those who have agony resistance, and those who do not. Right now we see people looking for fractals of a certain level, and we are already seeing groups looking for level 10+, 20+, etc. and this patch is not going to help. More and more, casual gamers who do not have agony resistance will be left behind, and will have a hard time catching up. Having low agony resistance will have the potential to make you an active hindrance to your group, making them chose between sacrificing their rewards to help you increase your fractal level or refusing to group with you all together because you will be too weak.

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Instant completion of work orders with rush orders

Do you feel tired waiting for your garrison work orders to finish? Kinda waste of time? Here is a tip: you can acquire rush orders to instantly complete 5 active orders for a particular building in the latest patch.

How to acquire these rush orders, such as Rush Order: Engineering Works? There are a couple ways.

Firstly, there are new profession missions which become available based on the profession buildings you have in your garrison. If you have an Engineering Works, you should periodically get missions like You’re Fired or The Wonder Gears which reward 2 or 3 of these rush orders. Followers with profession traits have an increased success chance on these missions as well.

Secondly, you can buy rush orders with Garrison Resources for non-profession buildings like the Barn and Gladiator’s Sanctum. Currently it costs 1000 Garrison Resources per rush order, with the exception of the mine and garden which cost 300 each. Keep in mind this is PTR and all subject to change. And you can find something to spend your resources on if you have enough. That will be some other fun.

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