We Know You Like Collecting the Mounts of WOW

WOW Gold should be the cheapest and the most fair RPG game. As difficulty falling, the players in the casual party become more and more popular. And more and more players are interested in collecting mounts or doing tasks. Today let’s talk about why so much players collect mounts tireless?

Rare Mounts Are Everywhere

Many rae drop mounts are quite popular with players. Phoenix, a fall of Kyle is a favorate of most of WOW players. There are also some other popular mounts such as Wudi fallen from lich king, Mil fallen from Ugo Salon in hero model, and the pure-blood firehawks fallen from the hero Ragnar Ross……. Many rare mounts can brush singlely, so the BOSS encounter endless attack in each week. However, their raredrop exactly reflected their value. On the other hand, the longer the players play, the more chances they will get the rare mounts. Even so, there are many players still did not get rare mounts. Gradually, they began to complain about their bad luck and the drop rate desining by Blizzard.


Although have not got a rare mount make many bad luck players a little sad, there is no denying that the fairness of World of Warcraft. First of all, it can not be solved by money, of course, money is one of the reasons that you can play more time than others. Moreover, WOW reflects the value that ‘value came from shortage’. If you get it easily, you would lose the force of pursuit. There are a lot of rare mounts ,not to mention the out of print before, so several players can collect all the mounts.

In a simple world ‘there are many things you want, so you need make effort to get even if you may not get in the end’ It just like life, it is for having pursuit and goals, the life became so fun.

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The WOW Ogres of Gaoliya Empire

Before Draenor, most of us thougth that the ogres in World of Warcraft Gold is stupid. And it was difficult for us to describe them with wisdom, sharp, cunning and so on. in fact, this is a real prejudice. The ogres of Azzaroth has not been the ogres on the other side of Dark Portal. Draenor we visited is a different dimensional universe. But no matter what happened, the ogres have dominioned over the planet.

In thousands of years ago, the ogre established an empire, just like the ancient Pan of Dali. However, the ogre is not relying on magic and witchcraft instead of natural. On the ogre’s winner-takes-all ethnic architecture, the leader is a cunning and powerful wizard. Of course, he also has cruel nature as the as other ogre.

Just like magic ancient empire, Draenor ogre also ensalve other races—-the captive orcs would forced to be a gladiator or slave labor. Untill now, we still could see a lot of slaves mine gem in Frost Fire Ridge for Gaoliya. Xuanchui castle, as the imperial city, Draenor ogre has fighted for it with Warsong clan for many years.

Then what happened? Why the brutal ogre suddenly changed idea and joined his slave,orcs? And what made the strong Gaoliya empire decline gradually? Is the Card punch unprising? But this is not enough. If the another event had not happened together, ogre would not have ended so rapid. Many people think that it is related to the orcs, but the answer is no.

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The Women around the Green Skin Orc Hero – wildstar Thrall

In Thrall’s life, she is the first beautiful woman he met. She keeps Thrall as her little brother all the time. If without her help, Thrall could not escape from Durnholde prison. Unfortunately,she was kill by Blackmore in the end. Then the angered Thrall killed Blackmore for revenge.


The players often guess the relationship between Thrall and Jaina. Thrall has helped Jaina a lot. When Jaina went to Kalimdor first time, she was ranged to reside in Theramore. In the later, they had met for many times. Although the explosion of Sierra made them produce estrangement, Jaina was still admire him.


Thrall had a long time for busying. Eventually, he met his lover in Nagrand. From CTM version, Agna has always been a regulare in the task. She loves Thrall so much. She helped Thrall and saved Thrall. Now she brought two sons for him. What’s more, from CTM version, they almost inseparable.


The Deathwing returned and the land completely changed. There were groans among the elements. The relationship of Dragon realms were broken up. At that moment, the green dragon queen Iser found Thrall and ask him for a help. Thrall had not let her down. He helped her defeat the five-color dragon. From then on, the green dragon queen has host for wildstar gold.


In the reckoning, the twilight dragon launched an offensive to Long Main temple. The red dragon queen mistook her husband Korlalstrasz betrayal her and loss his mind. In the critical moment, Thrall saved her. Thrall told her that her husband died for saving their dragon eggs by illusion. He was a hero, not a betrayal. The red dragon queen was particularly grateful to Thrall for his timely help. If she had not got help from Thrall, she would have waited for death. At that moment, she threw herself into his arms.

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Wow Gold Guide making for newbies (more guide!)


Wow Gold Guide making for newbies plus additional information! Not all making money involves buy and selling of wow items for more cheap wow gold, but also you can gain money just by sitting and AFK’ng. Nothing is better than getting more even though you sell your wow items for a very cheap wow gold.
More and more wow gold!
-Fishing may not be the choice of most new wow account as a profession but this will become a good source of wow gold as you level
-crafting requires a lot of patience and so as spending on wow gold and if ever requires time to be sell if you’ll be putting it in the playerauctions house, so waiting for you to be level 40 and above before starting to craft is recommended since these levels is easier to gain cheap wow gold.
-Learn what people needs and how much they are willing to pay for your wow items. Knowing what is needed and in-demand in the market will give you advantage in making your wow gold earning.
-Go on dungeon runs. Check and plan on the wow items you’ll be getting whether you’ll be using them for your other wow accounts or gonna sell them at the playerauctions house for cheap wow gold.

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